Swannies Theorems, Art in Maths and a follow-up to Pythagoras, De Tinseau and De Gua De Malves.

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As an ex- teacher Swannie wishes to show maths students
how maths can be fun and that it seems fairly basic little discoveries can
still be made. Highly unlikely that no-one has given a thought in this
direction before but he now likes to think the theorem is genuinely new
as bringing it to the attention of at least five mathematicians has not raised
awareness of anything near similar in existence. Surely he'd like to know
of anyone who has played or plays around with anything similar.
The theorem is all about a central body of specified shape, determining to
further specification the shape and size of  four surrounding bodies of
which the volumes of three of them add up to the volume of the fourth.
Joined together they comprise a model.
Having been a teacher Swannie could not resist the temptation of 'spiking'
the text with a few questions!
The photograph was taken at Swannies 70th birthday party in 2007,
showing him associating with the great Pythagoras and showing off what
he likes to think is an object of art!  (The first cardboard model)

Swannie -  Francois Swanepoel, age 74 (2011), ex prospecting, diamond dredging, mining, teaching, standards officer - lives in Port Elizabeth South Africa but also has a cottage in the scenic town of Lady Grey where he visits regularly and where family owns the Mountain View Country Inn (and where a model of the theorem will again be on display in its 'history' room). In a chat with a family member the  Cubic Houses in Rotterdam, which he was fortunate to visit some years ago, was mentioned. This got him contemplating the building of a small science museum in Lady Grey, shaped to a  practical arrangement of sections of a model for the theorem, with the such as  a camera obscura, a star watching facility, exhibits on local geology and of  about 60 of his maths models. Maths and Physics exibits  would fill any space still available.
The main idea is to make it available for school pupils in an area quite far from the nearest city. Then of course Lady Grey hosts many visitors throughout the year with its Passion Play, Mac Nab hunting and fishing competition and various mountain trail running competitions. What fascinates Swannie is its canyon where vultures  breed and its magnificent rock formations. The Art and Music Academy of Lady Grey has the support of an electric company (ALTEC) that made some of their dreams come true. Perhaps Swannie will also get support for his project?   

On the left: Lady Grey models: one, once upon a time, slid down a  mountain side and the other, mi wife, here claws her way up its side. Not young anymore  but both still have shapes (sort --) in 2012.

   Contact:     Francois P  Swanepoel
                    32 Brickmakerskloof Road    
                     Port Elizabeth. 6001                           
                     South Africa                                      
                     Phone: +27 41 582  1403                   
                    +27 73 4766  753
                     E-mail: swannie@ladygrey.co.za

       sometimes: c/o Lina Swanepoel
                     41 Botha Street
                      (opposite the  pub)
                      Lady Grey 9755                     
                      South Africa
        Phone: +27 51 603 0119                                                                                                

     Or enquire at the Mountain View Country Inn
                             Lady Grey
                             +27 51 603 04 21
    (should you ever land up there ask for Ouma)

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