Swannies Theorems, Art in Maths and a follow-up to Pythagoras, De Tinseau and De Gua De Malves.

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Mrs Historalix had another problem which was to keep her kids occupied while  she was tending to her daily chores. The blown-up wild bore bladders they played with rarely lasted till the next hunt and then the kids drove her insane.

She then saw that the cups of the bra, if folded somewhat inward, took on a rounded shape and with that an idea shaped in her  inventive  mind. She cut more triangles and started to sew them together and to her great joy twenty of these completed a near  sphere. Two fresh boar bladders pushed through an open slit were then  inflated by mouth and lungs, the urethrae folded over, tightly tied and also pushed inside; the slit then sewn up. This ball was a vast improvement and lasted much longer than a plain  bladder. Like the bra this ball was freely copied, there being no copyright legislation yet.

The ball became known in surrounding towns and later further afield. One was taken across the channel to a country we now call England by the well known Gaulish hero,  Asterix. Due to him games with this ball became popular. He however annoyed the  Romans at Londinium making fools of them in front of lady spectators with the deftness with which he handled and footed the ball, more so the former, which is why the English initially settled only for the easier game of just footing the ball. This time  Asterix had to flee back home as he so much enjoyed the applause and attention of the lovely fair skinned ladies and jealousy of the men that he ran out of magic potion, consuming all of it whilst showing off.

What is important is that the inflated ball was now in England and they really loved it. It was not perfectly round but adequate for kids and amateurs.

It so happened that with the discovery and plunder of the new worlds by the English, mainly Egypt and China and to a lesser extent South Africa as there was initially very little to plunder, not only objects were brought home but also live curiosities  to be put on show for the public. A well known live example from South Africa is Saartjie Baardman, displaying boobs without the bra though decorated with strings of  beads, which was more acceptable to very conservative ladies than a scanty bra, and  a bare bum with a patch of  hog skin providing some of covering  and  held up by a thong around the waist. Not generally known are the two knobkerrie fighters, rather similarly dressed to Saartjie but without elaborate strings of beads when going into  action, from the South Eastern, Transkei,  area of South Africa who with their knob sticks were taken to London for exhibition fighting.

Unfortunately one of the kerries was washed overboard during a storm when they rounded the Cape and John Smith of Oxford Street Londen, who makes walking sticks and umbrellas for Lords was  some weeks later approached to replace it . This was a masterpiece  replica in shape and size of the remaining stick but heavier and very rigid as it was made of  rose wood. In the very first exhibition fight Sipo not aware of the lethal properties of the replacement let go with a hit only intended to stun his partner,  but killed him. The promoter offered training and good reward for a replacement but no-one brave enough turned up. The shows were canceled and Sipo sailed back home to the Buffalo River Mouth.  As consolation for bad luck he received a twenty faced leather  ball.

The Xhosa women had a look at Sipo's toy,  promptly and neatly copied it and soon many balls were kicked around. It resulted in less kerrie fighting and fewer cracked skulls. While in England  the toys of boys and men went from sharp to soft  in the Transkei  it went from hard to soft. No participants being killed anymore the ball contributed  to todays over population. Another negative influence of the ball was that men in the Eastern Cape only wanted to play, drink more beer (as in England) and talk ball while the women had to toil in the fields to grow mealies and furthermore were expected to provide balls and more beer. Visitors from ---

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